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Alloehra, a relatively small plant, home to the candy creations of the Sweet factory, and the townsfolk of the small town of Natako. Alloehra is a part of a galaxy which is home to the millions of other planets that the factory delivers their irresistible sweets to. 

The townsfolk of Natako are "normal" human beings that lie in fear of the unnatural, and naturally cannibalistic talking candy beings isn't on their list of natural. Nonetheless, Natako lies in the shadow of Ilim, the dark forest that devours most of the world in vegetation and mystery. This forest is so vast that it is nearly impossible for any normal being to successfully get to the center of it safely without getting lost. For those uninvited souls brave enough to dare step foot in the forest, getting spit back out at their entry point is lucky. 

Past the thick fog-like dark barrier, thick wall of thorns, and the creatures that lie in wait, lies the beautiful fluorescent but deadly moat. This moat has no name, but is referred to as "beautiful despair" by the locals of Natako. The name was given to the moat because of the legends of those being drawn in simply by its smooth ripples and color that sparked curiosity and false security to those who seeked the light in the dark. On the other side of the moat is the inner forest of Ilim. This inner forest is home to the less intimidating luminescent flora and fauna - the danger in this part of the forest is usually minimal.

In the center of the forest passed the thick trunks of the twisted trees and luminescent leaves awaits the sunny meadow of the candy cottage. The center of Ilim is the only part of the forest where sunshine breaks through the shroud of darkness and wild flowers grow. 

Inside the cottage there is an air of magic, uncertainty and fun -- and a hint of cavities. The receptionist seems to be out but the dripping sound of saliva tells visitors that they're not alone. The desk that sits center opens its large mouth, flashing its rows of teeth and long exaggerated tongue. From its tongue drips purple liquid which looks similar to the liquid found in the moat "beautiful despair". Behind the desk is a window, a cool breeze brushes past uncovering more of the window hidden behind the partially torn curtains. There a dark outline of a cityscape can be made out under the bright light of the three moons sitting high in the sky. To the left (facing the desk) of the desk is a door, barely noticeable behind all of the flittering about in the room.

As the door opens a gush of wind hits your face making it hard to focus for a moment more, then it hits you -- the sweet scent of sugar...
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