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No need to ask, just send an affiliate request and it will be accepted.

How to submit application

Cotton Candy dividers by ArtsyAndreaMCotton Candy dividers by ArtsyAndreaMCotton Candy dividers by ArtsyAndreaM


After this period is closed applications can still be created for the next hiring period.

After completing your Application please "join" the group, and in the comments section of yur join request link us your application.

Thank you!

Have any questions? Just ask!

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Character Creation
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Cotton Candy dividers by ArtsyAndreaM
Cotton Candy dividers by ArtsyAndreaMCotton Candy dividers by ArtsyAndreaM
Update I'm putting this together this weekend, so if you haven't sent me your finished drawing yet, please do so soon c: I will start noting each person individually by tomorrow. I can wait a few extra days if need be, but please don't overdo it on the waiting. Thank you to everyone who has sent me their part so far <3

Hello everyone, Iné here.

Unfortunately I come with terrible news. Those of you who are usually on the Skype group already know what happened, but for everyone else, I must inform you all that we've lost a member in an awful way.

cross-amulet-maiden, who you may have known as being Mason's player, has left this world. She went missing back in early April, but we only got confirmation of what happened yesterday. I would say how she died, but I don't know if any of you have a problem with that, so whoever wants to know, please ask me directly and I will tell you. I am pretty much already finding it impossible to type this journal up without crying every three words as it is.

She had a lot of ideas for rps and things she wanted to do in the group, and I was probably one of the members who talked the most to her, so I have taken it upon myself to fulfill one of her last wishes. She really wanted to do an AU of all the SF characters as gems from Steven Universe, so as a tribute to her I'm asking whoever wants to participate to draw their character as a gem. It's not mandatory, it probably won't even count for factory points. There are no specific rules, just pick a gem that fits your character and create a SU version of them c: You can either draw digitally or traditionally, all that I ask for is that you send me the finished drawing so I can put them all together in a group collab piece. It's easier to send me a link directly through either note, comment or skype (if you're in the skype group. If you're not and you want to be, please ask someone who is to add you!).
There is no specific deadline, but please do try to get it done as quickly as possible if you're participating. I plan on putting everything together around next week, I will only give one more week after that for everyone to send in their drawing.

The only rule in the middle of all this is that you do not repeat gems. I'm giving a list of all the ones that are already taken by other members. If you want to participate just write in the comments your character's name and what gem you're picking. c:

Taken (the ones I've already received are marked):
- Obsidian (Mason) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Rose Quartz (Lola) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Rainbow Quartz (Lynx)
- Emerald (Mai)
- Jade (Waxylynne) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Watermelon Tourmaline (Bibi) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Rhodochrosite (Jade) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Pearl (Myron) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Lapis Lazuli (Bao) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Chyrsocolla (Bette)
- Aegirine (Booker) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Ametrine (Poppy) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Ruby (Emzy)
- Smoked Black and Red Opal (Jasmine)
- Rainbow Opal (Stellar)
- Moonstone (Petris) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Kunzite (Arno)
- Thulite (Cheri) Checkmark by toast-horse
- Pyrope (Vania) Checkmark by toast-horse
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